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Twenty-five Years & Our Wheels are Still Spinning!

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In the mid 1980's, Sandy Green, who had an idea, rounded up a group of a half dozen or so cycling enthusiasts. Why not ride across Oregon? Not from north to south, but from east to west, ending the ride on the beautiful Oregon coast. That idea was the start of The Oregon Bicycle Ride. The goal of the organization was to provide a great ride through a beautiful state for people who really liked to tour.

The Oregon Bicycle Ride was launched in the summer of 1987. Thanks to the efforts of the founders, and especially the promotional efforts of Sunnyside Sports, the premier cycling and sport shop in Bend, Oregon, The Oregon Bicycle Ride was underway with its first contingent of 68 riders.

The first tour was a difficult one. From Hells Canyon, Idaho to the Oregon Coast in seven days! That meant that the riders had to average nearly 80 miles a day through difficult terrain and weather. But it was worth it.

Over the years the participation has grown to a full complement of 250 riders. The organizers decided to limit enrollment in order to make a more enjoyable ride for everyone involved. And, from its humble beginnings, the ride has grown in support staff. Currently our staff includes five support drivers who are constantly on the road looking to help riders in distress, or simply suffering from "fireball" (an infamous candy that some riders can't seem to do without!) withdrawal. In addition to the support drivers, six people are involved with setting up and maintaining The Oregon Bicycle Ride's famous rest stops which include enough great food to load up the cyclists with carbs and calories, as well as water and sports drinks. Most riders don't even think of stopping elsewhere for lunch while riding. The rest stops have it all.

Continuing the great service that they are known for, Sunnyside Sports provides three skilled mechanics, as well as their own support crew to keep the bikes on the road. A mechanic is available throughout the day at the rest stops as well as from 4 PM until dark at Camp Central. They provide free labor to all riders who need help. However, make sure that your bike is well tuned before you go. While they often work miracles, they can't resurrect a bike from the dead!

Finally, after retrieving their luggage from the luggage truck in Camp Central and setting up their tents, the riders can find a sandwich bar with an assortment of snacks, cold drinks, toilets, and showers with fresh towels. Massages to ease the aches and pains from the riders weary bodies are available by appointment (for an extra fee). We offer everything a tired rider needs to relax and enjoy their vacation.

From the very first year The Oregon Bicycle Ride has stood out as one of the best fully supported bicycle tours in North America. Twenty-five years later and we have continued to get better and better. Come see for yourself. We hope you will join us for one of our rides soon.

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