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Thank You.... WBR & OBR riders! The Bike Detail is delighted to join you for another summer. Our mission as always is to provide quality services and ride conveniences to enhance your riding sojourn. Once again we're looking forward to serving you in fine fashion... Whether you are experiencing our specialty services for the first time or the 100th time, you'll be pleased and well taken care of. So take a few minutes to read, and familiarize yourself with the services designed to enhance your bicycling vacation adventure. Reserve early, they go quickly. Very quickly!

THE COFFEE DETAIL ™ "Coffee with us without the fuss" ™

YES! It is possible to get gourmet coffee at the event. Each and every morning a true coffee drinker wants a great cup of coffee. Your cup will be ready 30 minutes before breakfast. Get this: no lines. The Coffee Detail is (for the entire week) a great gourmet coffee specialty service. You'll get the jump-start astronauts never thought possible. Please, remember to take your bike.

The Cost:  WBR $28.00  OBR $30.00  Each. For the entire tour, please pre-pay.

THE CHAIR DETAIL ™ "Rent a Neat Seat this Week" ™

This comfort is too good to pass up. Each chair has been commercially reinforced to handle the great outdoors. We transport a high back lounge chair equipped with a footrest and cup holders, to the next host site. Each chair is inspected, cleaned and sanitized and has a pillowcase to keep it just right and a tag for easy identification. Each rider will pick up and return their chair at The Chair Detail station. They're great for reading, listening to the evening entertainment, or contemplating the meaning of bicycle life.

The Cost:  WBR $25.00  OBR $25.00  Each. For the entire tour, please pre-pay

THE BIKE DETAIL ™ "We Shine to Blind" ™

This is the ground-breaking service that started it all. Our professional bike detailing service has broken the code for cleaning an entire bicycle in no time at all. It's thorough, done right, and perfectly priced. So while you're enjoying the fruits of a well planned bicycling vacation, don't forget what got you there...YOUR BIKE. Leave it at The Bike Detail for pampering and detailing. Also featured at this event, our "Bike Detail Workshop". You're guaranteed to learn how to clean your entire bike in 20 minutes or less...without taking it apart...

The Cost:  $30.00, Tandems, Trikes, bents are more. NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED

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