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Rider Comments - Idaho Bicycle Ride

"BI and OBR are among the best of bike tours."
- L.F.

"You do a fantastic job; just keep it up."
- B.M.

"Fabulous folks -- fabulous food."
- S.B.

"Your staff works so hard and have certainly become experts over the years."
- anonymous

"BI was my first week long organized ride ... One problem was the food. I thought that I would loose weight on the ride, but the food was too awsome."
- R.M.

"All in all the trip was very enjoyable. Cold drinks at camp a real plus!"
- A.L.

"An enjoyable ride with a nice # of people which makes campsite selection easy and no lines for showers."
- D.F.

"This was one of the best rides I've enjoyed."
- D.U.

"Your friendly support. You're all the best. On the bike - off the bike you make it a great ride."
- C.M.

"Best kept secret in Oregon."
- R.W./C.J.

"I have been on between 15 and 20 tours using this format and you folks are the only ones who give out free snacks and drinks each day - great idea."
- A.B.

"... we appreciate the flexibility of the tour when accommodating riders. Particularly so when riders arrive early and are wanting showers and/or drinks. Complimentary drinks are an appreciated feature. The variety of food at the water stops is ample, fresh and provides a personal touch with the homemade cookies."
- W.S./J.R.

"Everything seemed to have been thought of."
- K.R.

"It's hard to improve perfection."
- M.G.

"The friendly crew who went out of their way to accommodate the participants make the week very enjoyable."
- D.D.

"All of the staff were friendly and helpful, and I think should get some kind of stars for setting out the best rest-stop food - bar none - I have ever encountered."
- J.C.

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