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Rider Comments - Oregon Bicycle Ride

"Excellent organization, accommodating, great route. Our concerns or desires were always taken into consideration."
- L.F.

"The tour was well planned and family friendly. Staff, support & food were all excellent."
- C.A.

"Fun tour. Great rest stop food."
- L.W.

"Cadillac service, friendly, helpful."
- J.T.

"The best I have done thus far."
- W.B.

"Excellent - great fun, great ride, great food - superb job done by all!! Price is right."
- P.P.

"Loved your well planned and supported tours staffed by people who care."
- B./D.C.

"I had a blast. People were great, support was superb, rides were beautiful. Awesome mechanical and road support."
- D.D.

"The atmosphere of the Oregon Bike Ride was very friendly and cooperative and I was impressed by the general air of camaraderie and support."
- M.A.

"The continual presence of sags was greatly appreciated, especially Ron and his music! I felt you always had safety as priority one."
- M.B.

"Kim and her catering crew are wonderful. Consistent, efficient, and tasty food with lots of choices (loved the iced tea). OBR is one of the best overall executed and organized rides I've ever been on. I've been doing them since 1992 and look forward to many more."
- R.M.

"The lack of rules was very much appreciated ... I also have the impression that you were especially accommodating for any special requests. That is unusual in my experience and much appreciated."
- D.J.

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