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A Few Tips from the Sunnyside Wrench Crew

Hello! We are mechanics from Sunnyside Sports, Central Oregon’s premier bike shop, and we have been supporting the Oregon and Washington Bike Rides from the beginning. As the official mechanics for the rides, we want to help you and your bicycle enjoy your trip.

During the rides we'll be open for business near Camp Central every day starting at 4:30 pm. Please have your bike to us no later than 6:00pm. We will have a complete inventory of parts with us, as well as an extensive clothing and accessory selection. Our aim is to do any repair that comes along, from airing up your tires to building a new wheel. There is no charge for our services, just for the parts. Please don’t hesitate to come to us with questions or problems. We will also have a mechanic on duty during the day at the water stops, for those pesky break downs during the ride.

Our goal is to keep you and your bike on the road. Here are some things you can do before the ride to help accomplish that:

  1. Get your bike a complete overhaul before you come. This would include a new chain and fresh grease in the hubs, bottom bracket, and headset. New tires are also a good idea.
  2. Be prepared to do your own flat repairs. Carry a frame-mounted pump, one or two spare tubes, a patch kit and tire levers. A chain tool and allen wrenches may also come in handy. If your bike has an uncommon tire size, please bring your own spare, or check with us prior to the ride, so that we can make sure to have one.
  3. If you want the hill climbing to be more pleasant, consider a triple or compact double crankset. Talk to your mechanic or give us a call.

We are looking forward to meeting you (and your bike.) Stay on the Sunnyside!

Visit our web site at www.sunnysidesports.com!