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Rider Comments - Washington Bicycle Ride

"Route marking was impeccable. Thanks for making it so easy to follow. I came to this ride alone, but never worried about getting lost even when other riders were not in view."
- R.C

"The food at dinners was delicious, nutritious, diverse and plentiful."
- R.C.

"Very well organized, friendly staff and volunteers, great food!"
- S.G.

"I have participated in week long bike tours with several different groups and you have the best organized one by far."
- D.M.

"Limited number of riders offers nice opportunity to get to know and talk with other riders."
- R.H.

"The Washington Bicycle Ride fulfilled all my expectations and I have done trips with some of the most popular tour companies."
- B.K.

"Excellent, thorough organization."
- A.L.

"I feel that the WBR is the best value of the more than 35 weeklong rides I've done. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work."
- C.B.

"Support, smiles of staff, catering quality, beauty of route, good company."
- R.H.

"Love meeting such a diverse group. You choose rides that are in some of the best riding areas in the world. This ride is exceptionally well organized and the education for cyclists is unparalleled."
- P.W.

"In doing over 20 organized rides all over the US this was one of the best routes I have ever done. Great Job."
- C.C.

"The support and facilities provided, which made it possible to focus on the enjoyment of the ride."
- B.T.

"Everything was outstanding. You run a very good tour - casual atmosphere, good food excellent route and elevation sheets, etc. Yours is the best bike tour group that I have ridden with."
- S.J.

"One of my favorite tours ever. You have set the bar so high, it is hard to go on other organized rides; they just don't measure up to the superb organization and all the fabulous amenities that are offered on your rides."
- C.C.

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